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"At ReDefine Wealth Management we are an independent registered investment advisor with a fiduciary responsibility to place client needs above all else.  We are accountable to our clients... we say what we do, and do what we say.  We work with you to redefine the real risks to protecting and growing your wealth.  And we work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals through solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.  

What we offer is not 'off the shelf' wealth management services."

-  Jeff Nuttall, CFP      Co-Founder, Managing Partner 

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Values You Can Count On


As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are bound by the fiduciary standard meaning that we must place our clients' needs above all else


Barron’s Magazine ranked  Jeff Nuttall one of America’s Top Financial Advisors for Six Consecutive Years  (2011-2016)


Our principals have an average 22 years of experience at some of Wall Street’s most prestigious investment advisory firms 

Does Your Advisor Work for You?

Most financial advisors work for custodians

Whether you entrust your wealth to an independent RIA like ReDefine Wealth Management, or to one of the thousands of reps at a large bank, your accounts are held with a custodian.

Custodians tend to be large, reputable banks

Custodians maintain and safeguard your accounts, and also provide statements, account administration, and transaction settlement... 

These functions are often times better outsourced to a third-party

We are employee owned and completely independent

Custodians are our trusted partners... Not Our Employers

At ReDefine we work exclusively for our clients.  To ensure independence, objectivity, as well as our clients' peace of mind, we place our client accounts at third-party custodians.  Client accounts are not held in-house at ReDefine.

One of our trusted custodial partners is The Bank of New York Mellon's Pershing Advisor Services - BNY Mellon is the World's Largest Custodian (over $33.3 Trillion as of 12/31/17)  

Take a Deeper Dive: Learn More About BNY Mellon

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